Introducing HSBCnet's new 'Track Payments' service

We listened to the feedback from our customers, and are improving HSBCnet according to what you’ve asked for. In particular, we’re enhancing the ‘Payment summary’ service to give you a simple, direct way to keep track of your payments.

The new ‘Track Payments’ button will become available on the ‘Payment Summary’ screen. You’ll also be able to access ‘Track Payments’ from the main menu.

When you have access to this new feature, you’ll get even more control and visibility of each step of your payments, saving you time, and making your day-to-day work quick and easy.

This new feature lets you:
  • View your payment activity at a glance
    See your recent payment activity up front – highlight any payments that you want to focus your attention on. Payment status information is available for payments made within the last 35 days and those dated up to 45 days in the future.

  • Use the ‘Payment details’ screen to track a payment’s progress
    Select a payment from the list and quickly see how far your payment has progressed. The ‘Payment details’ screen provides information including:
    • what’s happening now
    • what will happen next
    • what’s already completed, including status updates driven by SWIFT gpi (an industry initiative set to be the new standard in fast, transparent tracking of cross-border payments) from the intermediary and beneficiary banks
  • Quickly determine if any payments require further action
    A payment highlighted in yellow or red indicates that you may be required to take action to continue processing your payment.

  • Save time with the ‘Search’ function
    Customise your display and find specific payments quickly using the ‘Search’ and ‘Filter’ features.

Preview ‘Track Payments’

The new ‘Track Payments’ service will look like this:

(Select image to enlarge)

What you need to know

The ‘Track Payments’ service will be automatically available for users with access to the ‘Payment Summary’ service. You can also access ‘Track Payments’ via the main menu, under ‘Payments and transfers’ > ‘Payment and file status’ > ‘Track Payments’.

Refer to the ‘How do I track the status of my payment?’ guide in the HSBCnet Help Centre for:

  • instructions on Track Payments; and
  • listing of supported countries.

Please note: if you have accounts in countries that Track Payments is not available in yet, the payment statuses you see may be different at this time. Once Track Payments is enabled for these countries in the future, you’ll automatically see more detailed payment statuses. We recommend that you regularly review this guide for the most up-to-date information.


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